Help your travel business recover

List on the #StandWithTravel platform, get access to hundreds of customers who want to travel local


#StandWithTravel is a not-for-profit project built by the community of Ithaka and brings passionate travellers and local travel businesses together on one platform

Showcase your business

Contributors can explore your offerings and spend the travel credits they earn by supporting #StandWithTravel.

We don't take any fee and connect you directly to the customer for completing the transaction.

Raise cashflow to support your local community

If you need cash to support your business and the local community dependent on you, we can setup your own crowdfunding page.

You can take this page to your past customers to support your cause


Join the India Travel Network

Get connected with other local Indian businesses, strike partnerships and support each other


Some questions you may have

1. What do I need to do to be on this platform?

You just need to offer exclusive discounts to the contributors of #StandWithTravel. We will pre-agree on the percentage before you go live and travellers will be able to see what you are offering.

2. What kind of businesses can be listed?

Activity operators - sightseeing, treks, adventure, watersports, etc.
Stays - homestays, hostels, resorts, etc.
Logistics - flights, car and bike rentals, cab companies, bus, etc.

We are taking a limited number of travel agents and OTAs at the moment, but you can put up a request and we will get back to you

3. How will customers travel with me?

Contributors on the platform will contact you directly and give you a code for StandWithTravel that makes them eligible for a discount with you.